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Weekend Directional Signs

Our service begins with the creation of your sign. Most clients provide us with their chosen colors and logo. If you don’t have artwork, we are able to create artwork for you at a minimum cost. From there we carefully create the sign you need. When the artwork is finished, a map is digitally created with careful consideration getting you the best traffic flow you need. This map once created is emailed to the client for approval. Once approved the maps are distributed electronically to our installers, clients and their salespeople. Once the signs are printed, they too are assembled and distributed to the installer for placement.

Hassle Free – Each weekend, our installers place signs in locations that will drive the most traffic to the site. At the end of the weekend, the signs are collected and stored in our warehouse.

Proven Results – Marathon Directional Signs help drive customer traffic to sales centers. Over 70% of customers that enter a sales center, did so because they saw a directional sign.

Weekend Call Service – Marathon Directional Signs provides a weekend call service center in the event you need to contact us regarding your directional sign project. Call 1-877-947-4667